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Celebrating 40 Years!

Vertex is proud to be celebrating our 40th anniversary!

Vertex is honoured to have requalified as a Gold Standard Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies!

Vertex | Environmental Services in North America

Environmental Services

Vertex’s Environmental Services provides clients with a versatile suite of services including Land and Regulatory Approvals, Environmental Consulting, Pressure and Vacuum Services, Fluid Management and Logistics, Stable Foam and Waste Management Services.

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Vertex | Industrial Services in North America

Industrial Services

Vertex’s Industrial Services provides clients with a versatile suite of services including Industrial Insulation, Removable Insulation Blankets, Metal Buildings, Safety and Medical Services, Industrial Cleaning and Turnaround Services, Wellsite Accommodations and Surface Rentals.

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Established in 1976, Vertex is a leading North American provider of environmental and industrial services. With over 40 years of expertise, Vertex helps clients achieve their development goals through our versatile suite of services. From the initial site selection, consultation and regulatory approval, through the construction, operation and maintenance phases, to conclusion and environmental cleanup, Vertex offers a diverse range of services throughout the life cycle of our clients’ projects.

Vertex serves clients in the oil and gas, oilsands, petrochemical, renewable energy, utilities, agriculture, forestry, drilling, midstream, mining, aggregate and municipal sectors.Google+


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