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Indigenous Relations

Vertex Indigenous Engagement

Vertex recognizes and appreciates the unique qualities, abilities and diversities of Indigenous People and their relationship with their lands and environment. Through open communication, we develop positive relationships with Indigenous People that are based on trust, honesty and integrity. This builds a synergy that will help us all to realize our goals, and accomplish mutually beneficial business objectives.

Vertex commits to creating relationships with Indigenous and First Nation’s Peoples in areas where, traditional lands and or communities are close to, or are affected by projects and or operations.

The Policy

Guiding principles

We respect the Indigenous and First Nation’s Peoples traditional values and ways of life, heritage sites, and the relationship with their lands and the environment.

We engage in open, honest, two-way communication with Indigenous and First Nation’s peoples in regards to Vertex’s projects and operations.

We are committed to working with Indigenous and First Nation’s Peoples by assisting them in achieving continual benefits resulting from Vertex’s projects and/or operations, including opportunities to build capacity in training to employment, and business development.

We cultivate understanding, respect and opportunities for local Indigenous and First Nation’s Peoples among Vertex’s employees and contractors.

Vertex upholds a shared commitment to corporate social responsibility, including ourselves, our subsidiaries, employees, and contractors. We always conduct our projects, operations and general business in a manner that reflects the above principles.

Vertex will provide ongoing leadership and resources including project management, development of business strategies, and action plans to ensure the effective implementation of the above principles and policies.

The People

Vertex will offer equal opportunities to Indigenous and First Nation’s Peoples to become a part of our permanent workforce, which encompasses a wide spectrum of career opportunities and levels.

Vertex will offer contracting opportunities to qualified Indigenous and First Nation’s companies, suppliers and contractors, where appropriate.

The Nations

Vertex will encourage joint venture opportunities between Indigenous and First Nation businesses when it builds capacity and supports mutual business interests for all parties.

Vertex will enter into agreements with Indigenous and First Nation’s peoples, when and where appropriate, to initiate and support training for employment opportunities, apprenticeships and other initiatives that will help build and sustain Indigenous and First Nation’s individuals and communities.


Vertex is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

Current Indigenous Partners

Vertex has developed business relationships with locally operated Indigenous Businesses. These have been developed to meet our principles of economic and employment capacity building. Each has a defined territory and provides an industry leading suite of expert and versatile solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Acden Vertex

The Acden Vertex Limited Partnership provides training and employment opportunities to help build and sustain Indigenous and First Nation’s individuals and communities in the Wood Buffalo Region of Alberta. With this goal in mind, Acden Vertex provides a unique suite of services for the construction, maintenance, drilling and environmental disciplines in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Acden Vertex

Alexander Vertex

Vertex is proud to partner with Alexander First Nation through Alexander Contracting & Construction Ltd., a teaming agreement with Vertex as the lead within Treaty 6. This teaming arrangement allows Alexander and Vertex to work together to provide a diverse service offering including environmental sciences, engineering, construction services, and contracting services. Vertex also provides training and employment initiatives to the Alexander community through online learning and in person field training.

Haisla Vertex

Vertex has a strong standing partnership with the Haisla Nation to provide professional services support throughout the Kitamaat region of British Columbia. This relationship was formed in 2014 and focused on safety and medical services including the on-site provision of equipment, vehicles, and personnel. Since its inception, this relationship has expanded to cover all of Vertex’s professional services including land, regulatory and environment. Vertex’s relationship with the Haisla Nation focuses on community involvement in training and employment. Vertex has been successful in employing members of the community to complete work in the Kitamaat area and Haisla members have accounted for as much as 35% (or more) of Vertex’s workforce in the area.


Nekaneet Vertex

Nekaneet first nation is located in southwest Saskatchewan and has developed a partnership with business to help stimulate local employment and business development initiatives. Vertex has worked with Nekaneet under the Nekaneet Vertex partnership to develop training strategies including the utilization of our learning management system to increase the accessibility and variety of training options. Nekaneet Vertex is proud to provide environmental and engineering services for southwest Saskatchewan.

Siksika Vertex

Vertex’s partnership with Siksika First Nation is focused in central Alberta and has allowed the Siksika nation abundant opportunities surrounding the city of Calgary. This relationship covers all of Vertex’s services and has even expanded to allow opportunities for Siksika with some of Vertex’s working partners in other industries. Project opportunities have ranged from small scale field training to the utilization of large crews for large infrastructure projects.

T'Sou-Ke Vertex

Vertex is a working partnership with the T’Sou-Ke First Nation (T’Sou-ke) to provide environmental and hydro-vac services throughout southern British Columbia. This partnership shares an alignment with policies, commitment to the environment and initiatives to combine traditional knowledge with western science. The umbrella of this partnership includes all areas of environmental services including soils, groundwater, wildlife and remote sensing. The Vertex team provides technical expertise and industry knowledge, while the Nation provides opportunities to grow and learn, and access to a workforce eager to develop their skill set. This partnership provides our clients with the opportunity to work with a First Nation company that is backed by industry recognized skills, yielding a high-quality product and opportunities to grow and develop the Nation where they operate.

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