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Our Sustainability

At Vertex, we are committed to building a sustainable business with long-term growth opportunities. We are an Environmental Service business, that works tirelessly to support the environmental initiatives of our customers. As an Environmental Service business, we have a natural drive towards sustainability, based on the experts we employ and the solutions we provide. While we are built to provide environmental solutions, our commitment to sustainability and business resilience is deeper and we have developed an environment, social and governance (ESG) system to turn a cultural expectation into a data-driven and fact-based corporate commitment.

Our ESG objectives surround four key pillars of sustainability: protecting the environment; creating a social impact; maximizing health and safety, and driving systematic governance to ensure transparency and accountability throughout our organization. Our ESG vision is to maximize our performance along these four key pillars to enhance internal sustainability and become a primary source of executable ESG supply chain solutions for our customers.

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ESG Pillars


Vertex aims to reduce the intensity of our operation’s environmental impact while continually evolving to support our clients’ supply chain objectives. For our environment pillar, intensity is dened based on environmental impact per dollar of service revenue generated. We commit to being data-driven and radically open-minded, using measurement and benchmarking to set bold improvement initiatives and track progress over time. In our role as environmental advisors, we commit to relentlessly execute and innovate, reducing impacts equally through streamlined processes and technological advancement.

Social Impact

We commit to provide positive social benets through the growth of our organization and the provision of our services. We consider our diversity a strength and work to ensure that our activities in local communities provide meaningful and sustainable impact. Partnerships, opportunity creation, and equality of training are the cornerstones of this pillar for Vertex, as we invest in our people, diversity, and impact in the local communities where we live and work. For our social impact pillar, intensity is dened on a per-employee basis.

Health & Safety

We aim to be the safest Environmental Service company in North America, understanding and exceeding industry accepted norms. We have established a culture of ownership that holds safety, unquestioned as our top priority.


We commit to strong ESG governance, completely aligned with our current corporate structure. Strategic decision-making and results are tested, evaluated, and approved by an independent Board of Directors. As a service organization, our governance system will be customer-centered using customer engagement to drive constant evolution and change. Our combination of transparency and the independent nature of the Board will be used to ensure customer-driven change is supporting long-term sustainable and strategic growth.

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