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Students & New Graduates

Many of the positions at Vertex require driven individuals with certain educational backgrounds. Although work experience is important, we believe there are certain factors that make a person successful, including drive, ambition, and being goal-oriented. Vertex is proud to offer a working environment where people can thrive. With a wide breath of services, Vertex provides flexibility and opportunities to grow your career within a single discipline or expand into multiple disciplines.

As a member of the Vertex team, you will be part of a company that has built a solid foundation for both business and employee success:

  • A strong, stable company with a proud history and great reputation
  • A reputation for sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • An achievement-oriented, flexible and value-based culture
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • A rewarding compensation package
  • At Vertex safety is embedded in our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. It is one of our service offerings and a cornerstone of our culture.

The Vertex Experience

My experience at Vertex this summer was nothing short of stellar. Coming into it I was a bit weary due to the lack of experience that I had in the environmental field. This was put to rest by the amazing staff I had the privilege to work with and the atmosphere I was around. Both the field and office staff have been supportive, respectful, and excellent teachers/mentors for me. The hands on experience in the field was incredible. Managers assigned me to many different projects on both the A&R and NRAR sides which was great for learning and discovering what I loved to do most. Again, I can’t thank Vertex enough for the opportunity they gave me this summer, it is one to remember for a long time.
Brett - Environmental Technician Summer Student
Coming into this position I was weary due to my minimal experience with the industry, however any concerns were alleviated as soon as I started. My manager was an excellent supervisor and mentor who went above and beyond in ensuring I not only gathered experience within the engineering and design side of the industry but with the business side of the industry as well.

I had the pleasure of working out of multiple offices, which allowed me to connect with a large number of Vertex staff members who were supportive and respectful. Projects and tasks assigned to me varied significantly and enabled me to vastly expand my experience and understanding of the industry. The experience I have gathered has motivated me to continue my development within the supply and manufacturing sectors. Thank you to the Vertex team for the opportunity, I look forward to future opportunities to work alongside this team again.
Jacob - Engineering Summer Student
Being a returning summer student at Vertex for the past three years, has been a great experience. As a business student, I have been given the opportunity to explore various fields/roles within Vertex. This has helped me immensely as I am now confident in where I want to take my Business Degree.

Vertex is such a great company as they truly believe in hiring individuals that demonstrate potential and the willingness to be versatile in performing their jobs. Getting a position here didn’t solely rely on experience. If you can show your willingness to work hard and you actually follow through with that eagerness, then Vertex will be a great fit for you.
Julia – Human Resources/Finance Summer Student
As a project coordinator at Vertex, I have been provided with an opportunity to explore multiple aspects of the company’s endeavors while also furthering my education in a business related field. During my time at Vertex, I have been exposed to a number of different situations and challenges that have continued to develop the personal versatility that is required to be successful in any business. The team oriented environment makes for a comfortable and welcoming experience and a smooth transition from the classroom into the work force, while also focusing on the importance of cooperation and working together to achieve a common goal. As a student who began with limited work experience, Vertex is a great place to start your working career.
Rhett – Project Coordinator Summer Student
For the last semester of my accounting certificate program I was lucky enough to be placed with Vertex for my practicum, where I worked with a group of project accountants. Throughout my practicum I was welcomed by all, as a member of the team. With guidance I was pushed outside my comfort zone to realize the potential I have in the construction industry. Vertex really went out of their way to show me what I could expect in the work force after my schooling.

After completion of my practicum I was fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position with Vertex. As I transitioned from student to employee I didn’t skip a beat as I was welcomed into my new office – the opportunities are endless with this company. If you have a strong work ethic and want to learn something new every day Vertex is an amazing company to work for.
Chelsea – Accounting Summer Student
As a first year student studying construction management, working for Vertex over the summer has provided me with industry experience in a fun and friendly environment. Vertex has offered me the proper tools and guidance to apply and expand my knowledge in the construction industry.
Pierre – Junior Estimator Summer Student
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