Students & New Graduates

Many of the positions at Vertex require driven individuals with certain educational backgrounds. Although work experience is important, we believe there are certain factors that make a person successful, including drive, ambition, and being goal-oriented. Vertex is proud to offer a working environment where people can thrive. With a wide variety of services, Vertex provides flexibility and opportunities to grow your career within a single discipline or expand into multiple disciplines.

As a member of the Vertex team, you will be part of a company that has built a solid foundation for both business and employee success:

  • A strong, stable company with a proud history and great reputation
  • A reputation for sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • An achievement-oriented, flexible and value-based culture
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • A rewarding compensation package
  • At Vertex, safety is embedded in our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. It is one of our service offerings and a cornerstone of our culture.

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