Commercial Development – Site Assessment and Remediation Project


Client was seeking reclamation certificates (four in total given the complexity of the site) on a former gravel quarry for a future residential neighborhood in large western Canadian urban centre.


The project involved completing environmental site assessments (primarily soil sampling and groundwater monitoring) and remediation activities. Site assessment, remediation and applications for reclamation certificates occurred concurrently at the site. Where appropriate, risk-based approaches (scientific justifications and Tier 2 exposure pathway elimination and guideline modification) were used to manage exceedances of Tier 1 guidelines that are not being managed via remediation. Vertex utilized risk assessment and risk management specialists in conjunction with our environmental experts. This project was unique in nature and novel as it required Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to issue reclamation certificates without returning the site back to its native state prior to conducting the residential development.


Vertex has successfully achieved a path to closure, including receiving three reclamation certificates (with remediation activities ongoing for the fourth), through a combination of technical environmental review, field program design and execution, and direct engagement with Alberta Environment and Parks.

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