Virtual Land Department Outsourcing


An Energy & Production (E&P) client is a non-op working interest partner in a large property in NE BC. The client, being a foreign entity, was looking for a company in Calgary to house its, files, manage its day-to-day land obligations and provide a Calgary address for correspondence with industry


Vertex planned to assign mineral administrator employees to handle the day-to-day efficiently for this client while making senior land management available if needed for negotiations. Because this is a non-op working interest, mineral administration was the majority of work required. Vertex also offered to hold all 3500 of the client's land files in its office for ease of access and to begin the process to digitize.


Vertex’s work on this project is ongoing and has been for years. The client remains working interest partners in NE BC and Vertex has been able to handle all daily land management for the duration of the project. All 3500 files have been digitized. Vertex has provided a low cost, stable approach to land management for this large international company without forcing unnecessary personnel expansion for a non-operated asset.

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