Vertex’s confidential client is in the planning and scoping stage of a deep-well geothermal project. This project would see water (under pressure) more than 180 deg. C (300 deg. F) brought to surface for use in a steam turbine power generator. The thermal expansion effects on the casing, surface casing, cementing, and wellhead are significant and require specialized software and knowledge to properly design


Vertex used specialized software to model the thermal effects of the fluids on the wellbore components. The design outputs from the software, combined with our experience working high-temperature oil and gas wells, provided the client with the necessary casing, tubing, and wellhead design that would not fail under extreme geothermal fluid production conditions. Vertex was instrumental in casing and tubing material selection, wellbore configuration, installation details, and cement selection.


Although the planning, scoping, and funding phases of the project are still ongoing, Vertex was able to build confidence in the wellbore design – ensuring that the very expensive geothermal well drill and completion program would not fail under operating conditions.

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