Reclamation of Exploration Wells


An oil and gas producer with operations in the oil sands region requested closure on over 400 oil sands exploration wells. Vertex and its Indigenous partner Acden were retained to assist in the management of the reclamation and assessment program. Vertex's role was to manage and execute all assessment and reclamation work in order to obtain regulatory closure on the sites.


In order to achieve reclamation closure on the multiple sites in a timely and efficient manner, Vertex ranked the sites based on their ecological recovery rating using our ecological models and remote sensing. Additionally, Vertex created and used its internal reclamation tracker app to enhance communication and cut time and costs on project management, reporting, and execution. Sites requiring reclamation activities for landscape, soil, and revegetation were identified quickly and deficiencies were dealt with early on in the program to prevent delays in reclamation certification timelines. Vertex was able to plant sites using innovative techniques that provide over 90 percent survivability without timing constraints that are associated with conventional revegetation programs. Vertex was able to reduce fieldwork costs by using timely communication with our client and coordinating and sharing internal and external resources. There was zero downtime, even under adverse weather conditions.


Within the first year, Vertex was able to obtain closure on almost half of the wells and reclaimed the remainder of the well sites. To reduce monitoring costs, Vertex continues to monitor sites using its remote sensing technology with targeted site assessments. Vertex is currently on target o obtain reclamation certificate assessments for all 400 sites within a 3-year timeframe. Our client continues to provide additional opportunities and work to Vertex to reduce its environmental liability. Our strategically located offices and cross-trained staff situated throughout Canada have allowed Vertex to expand its service offerings to reduce the timeline for site closure considerably faster than the industry average.

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