Rural Internet Service Providers


Tasked with turnkey Real Estate Acquisition, Municipal Affairs, and Regulatory clearances for ISP’s in rural Canada, Vertex saw a massive spike in e-commerce, work-from-home trends, and content streaming demand pushing internet service providers further into rural and remote areas.


Market changes and emerging technology, combined with pandemic circumstances have resulted in an unprecedented demand for reliable, state-of-the-art internet connections everywhere. Deploying a small army of skilled, experienced agents on the ground, Vertex efficiently completes site acquisition, negotiating solid agreements with Landlords at optimally viable locations for our client. Municipal and public consultations, third-party permissions, and clearances are performed by Vertex’s dedicated administration team, with careful tracking and client reporting paving the way for expedited successful outcomes for our clients.


With high attention to detail, careful tracking, updating, and reporting to clients, Vertex created a reliable, predictable transition through all stages of the project – allowing our client to coordinate procurement, trades, and construction scheduling well in advance.

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