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Medical Services

Vertex offers a versatile suite of medical services to ensure the well-being and proper treatment of your work force. At Vertex, medical services are delivered by a team of qualified and experienced staff that have been assembled to reduce client risk and ensure that all health and safety legislative requirements are met. With a reliable team of medics and well stocked medical transport vehicles, we are able to provide the best possible care in the event of an incident.

Vertex’s Medical Services Include:

  • Medical Equipment: Industrial Ambulances, Emergency Response Units (ERU), Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC) and First Aid Trailers that are prepared for any job and can be customized to meet your operational needs.
  • Medical Personnel: Each attendant, from primary care paramedics to advanced care paramedics are licensed within their province of operation and work directly under the supervision of our Medical Director. Vertex provides all levels of medical personnel and has dedicated committed personnel in all locations.