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Medical Equipment

Vertex Industrial Ambulances, Emergency Response Units (ERU), Medical Treatment Centers and First Air Trailers are prepared for any job and can be customized to suit your operational needs. With our fleet, all industrial first aid levels of care from OFA III, EMR, EMT and Paramedics can be provided based on your site needs and requests.

Vertex provides the Following Medical Equipment:

  • Emergency Response Units (ERU): Vertex Industrial Ambulance Style, Emergency Response Units (ERU) are equipped to exceed Alberta Health Services Levels.
  • Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC): Vertex Medical Treatment Centers (MTC) are equipped to exceed Occupational Health and Safety requirements in all Western Provinces.
  • First Aid Trailers: A First Aid Wellsite Trailer or Wheeled Units that can be manned and equipped to meet all of your on-site medical needs.
  • First Aid Rooms: Existing permanent first aid rooms can be equipped, audited and manned.