Understanding the challenge of maintaining production while meeting government mandates for environmental protection, Vertex helps clients in the energy sector maximize uptime efficiency and reliability while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing downtime due to cleaning and testing operations.

From the initial pre-development phase through the exploration and production stages, ending with decommissioning and reclamation, Vertex is on-site working with your team to ensure you continue to meet your development goals. Our skilled team members work with clients who are developing both unconventional and conventional sources of energy and utilize industry-leading techniques and equipment to ensure their projects remain compliant, on time, and on budget.

  • Conventional

    At Vertex, our team of skilled professionals is highly experienced in working with conventional oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. Our team utilizes modern and technologically advanced techniques and equipment, working effortlessly to ensure our clients’ projects remain compliant and within their budgeted allowances.

    Vertex Conventional Energy Services:

    • Project Management
    • Planning & Route Selection
    • Negotiation, Acquisition & Administration
    • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
    • ADR & Surface Rights Board Representation
    • Damage Settlements & Rent Review
    • Public Notification & Consultation
    • Aboriginal Consultation (Administration & Field Services)
    • Expert Crown Land Acquisition Services
    • EAP Site Assessment & Supplement Completion
    • EFR Site Assessment & Supplement Completion
    • Aquatics & Watercourse Crossing Assessments
    • Wildlife Sweeps/Surveys

  • Oil Sands

    The development of the oilsands typically garners large stakeholder attention from various organizational bodies and therefore requires companies with expertise in the appropriate regulatory requirements, operation standards and safe work practices. Vertex’s professional team ensures the safe and efficient operation of your oilsand SAGD, insitu or mine project through our environmental and industrial service offering.

    Throughout the lifecycle of your project, Vertex professionals develop solutions to meet your needs. We understand the challenge of maintaining production while meeting government mandates for environmental protection and help clients maximize uptime efficiency, while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing downtime due to cleaning and maintenance activities.

  • Petro Chemical

    Vertex works with your team to reduce downtime while ensuring the safe, compliant and efficient operation of your facility. Whether your facility is in the construction, operation or maintenance / turnaround phase, or requires decommissioning, Vertex offers a suite of services to help you meet your project goals. With experienced industrial cleaning operators, environmental, safety and construction professionals, Vertex has the capability of being your sole contractor during your facility turnaround or maintenance project.

    With trained on-site rescue professionals, Vertex is also capable of performing your high angle and confined space assessment and rescue plan requirements.

Case Studies

Robotic Rover Tank Cleaning

Vertex’s client had requested a complete internal tank cleaning . Upon initiating the cleaning process, it became evident that the tank emitted dangerously high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs posed a significant risk to workers entering the tank, complicating efforts to maintain safe working conditions for confined space entry.


  • High VOC Emissions: Significant off-gassing during cleaning, leading to elevated VOC levels.
  • Safety Concerns: High VOCs created hazardous conditions for tank entry.
  • Ventilation Challenges: Frequent depletion of organic media scrubbers due to high VOC levels.
  • Cost Implications: Substantial daily accrued costs from replacing scrubber cartridges.

Reclamation Certification Using Disturbance Recovery Models and Remote Sensing

Providing practical and economical solutions is one of Vertex’s commitments to our clients. Conventional reclamation assessment of oil sand exploration well/corehole programs requires field assessments of all associated well sites and access roads. These field assessments have a high cost and environmental impact and are often highly subjective. Vertex’s Research and Development, Operations and Remote Sensing teams worked collaboratively to develop a remote sensing approach combined with disturbance recovery models to overcome these limitations. The approach utilizes remote sensing data and ecological resiliency factors to rank the well sites and access roads, and only sites with reduced recovery/resiliency are field assessed. Between 2021 and 2022, Vertex used this approach for Imperial Oil and received a reclamation certificate for a 29-site oil sands exploration program.

Wildlife Management for Mine Expansion

The client required wildlife management services for the development of a large green field land base for an Energy mine expansion.

Pipeline Integrity: System-Wide Geohazards Risk Assessment

An Integrity Management Program (IMP) related bulletin was issued by Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) in 2019 to mandate the management of slope instability through IMPs. The objective of the project was to develop and enhance the client’s Geohazards IMP using a phased approach to be compliant with AER’s bulletin. A system-wide GIS-based assessment was carried out to identify potentially high-risk assets based on landslide susceptibility, age of the pipeline, and substance carried.

Solar Power Renewables Project

The client was seeking regulatory approval for a new solar power renewables project located in southern Alberta.

Regulatory Amendment Oil Sands Mine

The client was seeking regulatory approval for an increase in project development area to allow future placement of overburden, reclamation material stockpiles, and associated facilities outside the currently approved operating area at a large oil sands mine in northern Alberta.

Directive 88 ARO and Liability Review: Asset Purchase

A financing body sought input on the ARO value of a potential property acquisition.

Accelerated Phase 2 ESA Program

The client engaged Vertex to execute environmental site assessments in the Weyburn Area under the ASCP program. Vertex’s client was looking to maximize the amount of Indigenous Credit Pool funds generated from the work.

Integrated Linear Project Execution (Land, Consultation, Environment)

Vertex was engaged by a midstream company to complete the following scope of work on a 50km Midstream Pipeline & Sour Gas Plant: Acquire all surface land approvals (Crown and Freehold), complete all required stakeholder consultation required for project & post-construction land owner signoff’s, Acquire all environmental approvals (EPEA, Water Act, Public Lands Act) for pipeline and proposed sour gas plant, Complete Environmental inspection during project construction including, General environmental inspection services, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) environmental monitoring, & Monitoring of ongoing reclamation activities

Indigenous Environmental Monitor (IEM) Training

The client requested two environmental monitoring teams comprised of Senior and Indigenous Monitors to oversee construction & drilling programs during the winter of 20/21.

Geothermal Power Generation

Vertex’s confidential client is in the planning and scoping stage of a deep-well geothermal project. This project would see water (under pressure) more than 180 deg. C (300 deg. F) brought to surface for use in a steam turbine power generator. The thermal expansion effects on the casing, surface casing, cementing, and wellhead are significant and require specialized software and knowledge to properly design

Reclamation of Exploration Wells

An oil and gas producer with operations in the oil sands region requested closure on over 400 oil sands exploration wells. Vertex and its Indigenous partner Acden were retained to assist in the management of the reclamation and assessment program. Vertex's role was to manage and execute all assessment and reclamation work in order to obtain regulatory closure on the sites.

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