Vertex is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions by employing a variety of industry-leading methods and technologies with unique regulatory expertise for Commercial clients across North America. Our team of highly skilled professionals and technical experts efficiently complete projects in urban and industrial settings with a comprehensive understanding of all stakeholders involved.

Providing clear findings and recommendations to clients, Vertex ensures that the significance of all findings are understood as they pertain to real estate divestiture, sale or acquisitions, and lease or finance opportunities. Vertex aims to mitigate the liability of such transactions for the benefit of our clients through the management of potential chemical and physical hazards that can lead to health, cost, and work interruptions.

With an in-depth understanding of soil and groundwater contaminants, Vertex has become a specialist in the remediation of contaminated soil and water within urban centres, including brownfield developments.

Vertex’s Commercial Services in North America Include:

  • Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation:
    • CSA Approved Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring
    • Soil Monitoring & Management
    • Regulatory Reporting
    • Risk Management & Guideline Development
    • Soil & Groundwater Remediation
    • Geophysics
    • Geomatics
  • Environmental Planning & Aquatics
  • Greenfield Development

    Vertex has Greenfield Development support services including Land Acquisition, Biophysical and Wetland Assessment, Surface Water, Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Brownfield Development

    As a key add-on to our Greenfield development services, Vertex has expertise in Brownfield Development including in-situ remediation services and regulatory certification (reclamation and remediation) and environmental risk-based solutions focused on migration pathways.

  • Transaction Support (Due Diligence)

    In the past 5 years Vertex has completed 10,000 Phase I ESA’s, 2,500 Phase II ESA’s, and 1,000 site remediation projects related to property transactions and due diligence. Our team of professionals provides risk-based professional guidance on property transactions.

  • Project Advisory & Investment Evaluation

    Unique to Vertex is the advisory aspect of our business, working closely with clients to integrate remedial action plans into development plans and providing industrial estimating services where applicable to support final investment decisions (FID) on contaminated sites.

  • Engagement

    As an aspect of our land offering, our engagement team can take on municipal, public, or First Nation engagement exercises, conducting fit for purpose one on one and open-house-style engagement to support project development and stakeholder understanding

Case Studies

Water Management During Construction

Vertex was retained by an earthworks and construction client to supervise the pump off of and monitoring of surface water during the construction of a recreation facility in a western Canadian urban centre.

Commercial Development – Site Assessment and Remediation Project

Client was seeking reclamation certificates (four in total given the complexity of the site) on a former gravel quarry for a future residential neighborhood in large western Canadian urban centre.

Biophysical Impact & Wetland Assessment Reports

Retained by the client to complete a Biophysical Impact Assessment Report (BIA) for submission to the municipality as well as the completion of a Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR) for submission to Alberta Environment and Parks. The client is submitting a development permit for approximately 68 acres of land in a large western Canadian urban centre that will include residential (R-G, M-1, M-2), mixed-use (MU-1), and commercial (C-C1) areas.

Land Redevelopment – Risk Management and Remediation Program

Vertex was engaged by a Land Developer to review Environmental Concerns associated with a 500+ acre package of land in Calgary prior to development. Work was completed under the direction of Indigenous Services Canada.

Land Redevelopment – Excess Soil Management

Vertex has been engaged by multiple contractors and land developers for support in navigating the Excess Soil Regulations which have come into effect in Ontario. The new regulation requires additional soil characterization prior to construction followed by a specific plan to transport soil from the site to another location regardless of impacts.

Rural Internet Service Providers

Tasked with turnkey Real Estate Acquisition, Municipal Affairs, and Regulatory clearances for ISP’s in rural Canada, Vertex saw a massive spike in e-commerce, work-from-home trends, and content streaming demand pushing internet service providers further into rural and remote areas.

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