At Vertex, we understand the sensitivities of conducting infrastructure projects including telecommunications within our local communities. Whether a project requires access to public or private land, Vertex works with clients to ensure that impacts to stakeholders are minimized while also ensuring the project is completed on time and on budget.

Vertex provides a versatile suite of services and expertise across the life-cycle of your project starting in the pre-development phase, through the construction, site restoration, and operation phases, to the conclusion with abandonment and reclamation. With a team of versatile professionals, Vertex helps ensure your network of assets operates efficiently and without unnecessary and unscheduled service interruptions.

  • Pipeline

    Vertex offers a versatile suite of services that ensure the safety and effectiveness of your pipeline project. From initial stakeholder engagement and route selection to construction and maintenance, Vertex works with your team to overcome the unique challenges of projects that can span multiple regulatory jurisdictions. Utilizing a local workforce through our large network of offices located across North America, Vertex is capable of mobilizing quickly to remediate release sites and has local knowledge of land and environmental requirements.

    Our skilled team members have experience with pipeline projects of all sizes and use a collaborative approach to ensure long-lasting positive relationships are maintained with all stakeholders.

  • Power, Transmission, & Distribution

    Vertex provides a lifecycle of services including consulting, planning, engineering, procurement, and more.

  • Alternative Energy

    With a team dedicated to green energy projects across North America, we have the knowledge and expertise to advance your project while solidifying relationships with federal, municipal, and other engaged stakeholders. At Vertex, we offer a versatile suite of services throughout the lifecycle of your project and have experience helping clients in the solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable energy sectors.

    From land acquisition to environmental and First Nations consultation, to construction and maintenance, Vertex will ensure you meet your development goals. Our team has worked with a number of renewable energy clients, ranging in size from small, independent operations to large multi-national corporations.

  • Telecommunication

    Vertex’s knowledgeable team of telecom experts provides accurate and efficient telecommunication services to our clients, leveraging local municipal knowledge and relationships.
    Our integrated service offering of engineering and construction, paired with a team of seasoned professionals allows Vertex to
    offer reliable turnkey solutions to our valued telecom clients.

    Through the use of the Vertex Total Site Tracker application, accurate and detailed site status is provided quickly, effectively, and in real-time. The web-based and graphical GIS interface provides complete process history while offering the convenience of easily accessible document archives to keep the entire team updated and
    on track.

Case Studies

Integrated Land and Environmental Services – Pipeline Integrity Program

Vertex’s client engaged Vertex to provide engage with landowners and regulators to gain access to their pipeline right of way to execute an annual integrity dig program. The majority of the proposed integrity digs were located in densely populated areas or natural areas with nearby sensitive receptors.

Wind Farm Biophysical Surveys

The client purchased a proposed wind farm development. They were seeking regulatory advice on the data that had been collected to date and what surveys Vertex recommend to be completed. The client was looking to avoid regulatory delays that they have seen on current wind farms that they were constructing. Vertex incorporated options to address concerns that they had.

Rural Internet Service Providers

Tasked with turnkey Real Estate Acquisition, Municipal Affairs, and Regulatory clearances for ISP’s in rural Canada, Vertex saw a massive spike in e-commerce, work-from-home trends, and content streaming demand pushing internet service providers further into rural and remote areas.

Horizontal Drilling (HDD) & Aquatic Response Support (Fraser River)

Vertex was engaged by a client to provide Aquatic Cleanup services in support of executing a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) under the Fraser River in Burnaby. This service was required under the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) for the TransMountain Expansion Project.

Overlays and Upgrade Facilitation

Major carrier clients engage Vertex for their ongoing upgrades, expansions and equipment swaps on urban rooftops. Engaging Landlords with thoroughly organized proposals gets all parties off on the right foot and expedites successful outcomes.

Integrated Linear Project Execution (Land, Consultation, Environment)

Vertex was engaged by a midstream company to complete the following scope of work on a 50km Midstream Pipeline & Sour Gas Plant: Acquire all surface land approvals (Crown and Freehold), complete all required stakeholder consultation required for project & post-construction land owner signoff’s, Acquire all environmental approvals (EPEA, Water Act, Public Lands Act) for pipeline and proposed sour gas plant, Complete Environmental inspection during project construction including, General environmental inspection services, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) environmental monitoring, & Monitoring of ongoing reclamation activities

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