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Vertex Resource Group Ltd. Acquires Hurricane Industries Ltd.

Vertex Resource Group Ltd. (Vertex) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Hurricane Industries Ltd., an oilfield service company specializing in vacuum, pressure and stable foam operations. Since acquiring the company in 2004, Tom and Blake Fisher, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Hurricane Industries, respectively, have grown the company to become the leading provider of foam services.

“The Hurricane Industries team has exceptional expertise and knowledge in utilizing stable foam for various cleanout, drilling and well stimulation applications in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Having the Hurricane team now integrated into Vertex will strengthen our Alberta and Saskatchewan operations and enable us to offer additional hydro-vac, foam and downhole support to our clients’ operations,” Terry Stephenson, President of Vertex said.

“This acquisition will further the versatility of both entities, allowing a broadened service offering that will create efficiency within our operating groups”, he added. Hurricane Industries will operate under the Vertex name while maintaining the same operational and managerial teams.

About Vertex

Established in 1976, Vertex is a leading North American provider of environmental and industrial services. With over 40 years of expertise, Vertex helps clients achieve their development goals through our versatile suite of services. From the initial site selection, consultation and regulatory approval, through the construction, operation and maintenance phases, to conclusion and environmental cleanup, Vertex offers a diverse range of services throughout the life cycle of our clients’ projects.

Vertex serves clients in the oil and gas, oilsands, petrochemical, renewable energy, utilities, agriculture, forestry, drilling, midstream, mining, aggregate and municipal sectors.

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