In today’s competitive capital environment, project proponents must achieve maximum value for their shareholders and partners while minimizing project-related risks. Vertex provides complete, independent, and impartial front-end advisory services to support the development of new projects. Vertex’s capital project advisory team assists in the early Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stages of a project with a team made up of industry experts able to identify siting and route constraints, prepare or confirm initial cost estimates and constructability, develop a timeline, and strategies to address regulatory and environmental requirements, engage with local Indigenous communities and stakeholders, and complete an impartial full project evaluation.



Full Scope Evaluation

  • Engagement & Negotiation

    Stakeholder support is key for any successful project. Our team works with clients and communities across Canada to find win-win solutions. Supported by our deep experience in the acquisition and management of surface land commitments.

  • Construction

    Our engineering and construction team brings a breadth of perspectives which provides clarity for construction execution strategy, project scheduling, and consideration of indirect and direct costs.

  • Estimating

    Generation of Class 5 estimates, with contingencies to address regulatory and stakeholder
    challenges. Our experience working with over 30 First Nations allows for the development of detailed Indigenous engagement and consulting estimates.

  • Route Selection & Interactive GIS Routing and Mapping

    Our experienced team utilizes remote sensing and geospatial data, satellite and air photo imagery, LiDAR data and area knowledge to develop constraints and route mapping options. We also generate environmental and regulatory overlay alignment sheets to guide project location and identify potential terrain and environmental challenges.

  • Indigenous Communities

    With a longstanding history of working with Indigenous communities, Vertex has developed several joint ventures and partnerships with communities across Canada. Our experience in combination with these relationships aid in finding successful outcomes and reducing project delays.

  • Environment & Regulatory

    Our in-depth knowledge of provincial and federal regulations allows our team to swiftly navigate the regulatory and approvals system, identifying risks and developing estimated approval timeframes. Risk is minimized by determining optimal routing and siting options.

Case Studies

Land Redevelopment – Risk Management and Remediation Program

Vertex was engaged by a Land Developer to review Environmental Concerns associated with a 500+ acre package of land in Calgary prior to development. Work was completed under the direction of Indigenous Services Canada.

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