Vertex has extensive experience developing, implementing and monitoring reclamation programs in the oil and gas, oil sands, mining, commercial real estate and aggregate industries.  Our offices are located throughout North America, with several offices in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, giving our client a reduced mobilization cost and providing a strong understanding of all geographical regions. With access to equipment (drilling and light agricultural) Vertex is nimble and responsive to client and site needs.

Our Site Assessment & Reclamation Services Include:

  • Coordination and Completion of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Coordination and Completion of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Tier-II and Risk Management
  • Full Remediation Services as Required
  • Detailed Site Assessments (DSA) to assess Soils, Vegetation, Wildlife and Landscape in Accordance with Provincial Reclamation Criteria
  • Expertise in Forested, Grassland, OilSands, Agricultural, Wetland, and Native Prairie Locations
  • Third-Party Consultation – Communication with Landowners and Regulatory Agencies to Consult on Site-Specific Issues
  • Design and Implement Vegetation Monitoring and Weed Management Programs
  • Submission of  Regulatory Applications:
    • Reclamation Certificate (Alberta)
    • Certificate of Restoration Applications (British Columbia)
    • Acknowledgment of Reclamation (Saskatchewan)
    • Certificate of Abandonment (Manitoba)
  • Represent Clients at Regulatory Inquiries and Hearings


  • Team of Professional Environmental Consultants that includes: Agrologists, Engineers, Geologists, Hydro-Geologists and Biologists
  • Maintain a client-specific project tracking database detailing project status, recommendations, and costs
  • Field offices in key operating areas within North America ensure cost-effective assessments and detailed knowledge of regional reclamation requirements (see our map for locations)

Case Studies

Reclamation Certification Using Disturbance Recovery Models and Remote Sensing

Providing practical and economical solutions is one of Vertex’s commitments to our clients. Conventional reclamation assessment of oil sand exploration well/corehole programs requires field assessments of all associated well sites and access roads. These field assessments have a high cost and environmental impact and are often highly subjective. Vertex’s Research and Development, Operations and Remote Sensing teams worked collaboratively to develop a remote sensing approach combined with disturbance recovery models to overcome these limitations. The approach utilizes remote sensing data and ecological resiliency factors to rank the well sites and access roads, and only sites with reduced recovery/resiliency are field assessed. Between 2021 and 2022, Vertex used this approach for Imperial Oil and received a reclamation certificate for a 29-site oil sands exploration program.

Water Management During Construction

Vertex was retained by an earthworks and construction client to supervise the pump off of and monitoring of surface water during the construction of a recreation facility in a western Canadian urban centre.

Transaction Due Diligence for Commercial Development Company

Decade long support for western Canadian commercial development company in their due diligence and acquisition of multiple commercial properties.

Commercial Development – Site Assessment and Remediation Project

Client was seeking reclamation certificates (four in total given the complexity of the site) on a former gravel quarry for a future residential neighborhood in large western Canadian urban centre.

Biophysical Impact & Wetland Assessment Reports

Retained by the client to complete a Biophysical Impact Assessment Report (BIA) for submission to the municipality as well as the completion of a Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR) for submission to Alberta Environment and Parks. The client is submitting a development permit for approximately 68 acres of land in a large western Canadian urban centre that will include residential (R-G, M-1, M-2), mixed-use (MU-1), and commercial (C-C1) areas.

Phase I and II ESA Commercial Development Program

Vertex was retained to complete a comprehensive Phase I and II ESA program on a former industrial property to be developed into a residential neighborhood. The property was 160 ac and contained multiple development areas intermingled with agricultural land use adjacent to a Central Alberta municipality.

Regulatory Renewal for Peat Horticultural Development

After failed attempts, the client was seeking support to obtain project renewals for operations that were still in operations.

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