Vertex’s Emissions Measurement and Field Services support upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas operators with meeting meet their emissions monitoring and measurement needs. Vertex provides Emissions Measurement and Field Services to clients in the upstream oil and gas sector including compressor vent testing and flow management, fugitive emissions management, leak detection & repair (LDAR), and multi-sector air pollutant regulation (MSAPR) compliance.

Our emissions management specialists are multidisciplinary and cross-trained in emissions detection and measurement, allowing our clients to benefit from efficiencies through our ability to complete multiple emissions services during the same trip. Our detailed equipment inventory supports strategic compliance planning and opportunities to help create a revenue stream from emission reductions.

Vertex offers emissions measurement and field services to clients across Western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and select locations in the United States.

  • Fugitive Emissions Management – Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)
    • Vertex uses FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging cameras to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks and venting, with QL320 quantitative optical gas imaging (QOGI) technology to quantify emissions to support leak detection & repair (LDAR) programs.
    • Supporting compliance with new provincial and federal methane regulations: Fugitive Emissions Surveys (Alberta), Comprehensive Fugitive Emissions Surveys (BC), LDAR Surveys (Saskatchewan), LDAR Inspections (ECCC)
    • Fugitive Emissions Management Program (FEMP) Development
  • Compressor Seal Vent Testing & Flow Measurement
    • Vertex conducts compressor vent testing on reciprocating and centrifugal compressors to support compliance with provincial and federal methane regulations.
    • Our technicians work with measurement equipment that meets regulatory specifications, including Calscan Solutions’ Hawk 9000 Vent Gas Meter. Our team of emissions specialists support the development of an efficient and compliant testing program to reduce the overall cost of compliance.
  • Multi-sector Air Pollutant Regulations (MSAPR) Compliance
    • MSAPR Part 2: Engine NOx Emissions Limits – Vertex emissions specialists support our clients through an analysis of their engine inventories to propose the most cost-efficient compliance option
    • Engine Emission Checks: Vertex uses to conduct Emission Checks using Spartan Controls’ ECOM-J2KNpro Industrial Analyzer to quantify NOx intensity. Emission Checks can extend the time required between Performance Tests and can be conducted in conjunction with other emissions services to create efficiencies
    • Engine Performance Testing: Vertex can support MSAPR compliance management by scheduling and managing Engine Performance Tests through its third-party partners. Our emissions specialists will always recommend the most efficient testing plans to our client to reduce the cost of compliance
    • Vertex can manage the required registration, reporting, and record-keeping requirements for MSAPR compliance
  • Equipment Inventory Services
    • Vertex offers integrated equipment inventory services to support Methane Reporting and Carbon Offset Project Opportunity Evaluation
    • A detailed equipment inventory can support strategic compliance planning and opportunities to create a revenue stream from emissions reductions
  • Emissions Quantification & Reporting
    • Methane Emissions Reporting:
      • Annual Methane Reporting
      • Fugitive Emissions Management Program (FEMP) Development and Support
      • Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan (MRRCP) Development and Management
    • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting – Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction (TIER) Strategy and Reporting
    • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting
    • Benzene Management: Glycol Dehydrator DEOS and Annual Inventory List
    • Emission Offset Project Coordination & Data Management
    • Funding Program Support – Applications, Field Services, and Reporting
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