Vertex can support our clients in meeting ESG goals by providing specific and meaningful GHG reductions in existing operations. Converting fugitive methane emissions to saleable natural gas or conversion to power generation can increase revenues and reduce costs while simultaneously reducing GHG emissions. We provide a suite of Emissions Management services to support oil and gas operators with emissions detection, quantification, and reduction solutions.  Through efficiently planned and executed field-based inspections and measurements and our strategic advisory and consulting services, Vertex Emissions Management provides our clients with customized emissions compliance strategies.

As part of our Emissions Management suite of services, Vertex’s team of Facility Engineers can provide custom solutions for methane and other GHG reductions at hydrocarbon production and processing sites.  Leveraging 25 years of experience in methane capture and flaring reduction, our team of designers will analyze existing systems, perform low-pressure hydraulic analysis, and propose a range of retrofit solutions to mitigate emissions:

  • Installation of low-bleed devices and pumps
  • Size and cost instrument air systems
  • Size and select low volume compressors
  • Choose best-fit incineration equipment
  • Engineered designs for low-pressure methane re-use (i.e. injection into fuel systems)
  • Selection of small scale power generation equipment (combined solar, battery and ICE power generation)
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