Vertex has been involved in environmental assessment and remediation since 1993. We have managed all aspects of site assessment and remediation including Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA), Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA) and the remediation of impacted material. This scope of service has allowed Vertex to tailor its assessment processes to facilitate the progression of sites from initial assessment to site closure. The Vertex team has completed thousands of Phase II ESAs for a diverse client base including the energy, government, waste, residential, and industrial sectors.

Vertex has completed over 2,000 Phase I ESAs, 650 Phase II ESAs and 400 site remediation projects since entering the service strand. At Vertex, we understand the regulatory requirements necessary to complete and document assessment results as they relate to liability reporting; this includes identification of potential source locations within a Phase I ESA, delineation of contaminated material to calculate the total volume of contamination in a Phase II ESA, and confirmation sampling following the removal of impacted material.

  • Phase I Assessments

    Vertex’s environment team has completed thousands of Phase I ESAs for oil and gas facilities, renewable energy projects, linear infrastructure, and commercial, residential, and industrial developments for both public and private sectors. The Phase I ESA execution process includes the execution of a non-intrusive, desktop-based detailed historical records review, evaluation of information, landowner interviews, site visit, and reporting. Phase I ESAs are performed in accordance with provincial guidelines and regulations. Additional guidelines and/or guidance documents may be referenced based on site-specific usage or history.

    The Phase I ESA includes the execution of a detailed records review, site visit, evaluation of information and reporting. Vertex’s Phase I ESA process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. A definition of the scope of the assessment and the assessment criteria to be used for the study site
    2. A summary of the qualifications of the person who completed the assessment and reporting
    3. A detailed discussion of the site assessment and/or pervious assessments, including a review of chemical or biophysical data with respect  to the assessment criteria
    4. A clear and concise summary of the conclusions of the study and/or recommendations for further investigation/remediation
    5. A complete package of supporting documentation and appendices including, but not limited to, plans, photographs, aerial photographs, borehole logs, test results, checklists, etc.
    6. Reports are to be stamped and signed by the professional responsible for authoring the report

    Phase I ESAs completed will be performed in accordance with provincial guidelines and regulations. Additional guidelines and/or guidance documents may be referenced based on site-specific criteria.

  • Phase II Assessments

    Vertex provides Phase II ESAs to identify, quantify, and delineate subsurface contamination. The intrusive Phase II ESA program includes a ground disturbance safety program, subsurface soil sampling, data analysis, and reporting. The program may include the installation and sampling of a groundwater monitoring network if required. The Phase II ESA is a key assessment tool for a variety of objectives including reclamation, risk management, development, and property financing. Vertex has extensive experience completing Phase II ESAs for oil and gas, government, commercial, and industrial clients and managing several contaminants including hydrocarbons, salts, and metals.

Case Studies

Transaction Due Diligence for Commercial Development Company

Decade long support for western Canadian commercial development company in their due diligence and acquisition of multiple commercial properties.

Phase I and II ESA Commercial Development Program

Vertex was retained to complete a comprehensive Phase I and II ESA program on a former industrial property to be developed into a residential neighborhood. The property was 160 ac and contained multiple development areas intermingled with agricultural land use adjacent to a Central Alberta municipality.

Accelerated Phase 2 ESA Program

The client engaged Vertex to execute environmental site assessments in the Weyburn Area under the ASCP program. Vertex’s client was looking to maximize the amount of Indigenous Credit Pool funds generated from the work.

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