Vertex’s engineering team has experience managing and executing hydrotechnical and hydrological engineering projects for a variety of clients. Vertex’s team has designed and managed the implemented water drainage plans, drainage modelling for pre/post-development drainage, conceptual planning of stormwater facilities for urban development projects, hydraulic modelling for natural channel systems,  and modelling for river flow mechanics including sedimentary erosion.

Vertex’s Hydrotechnical Services:

  • Assess the general hydrology associated with the development within the watershed.
  • Establish a general setting of the location with a description of climate information, and existing hydrometric station information if available, and groundwater wells within the assessment area.
  • Estimate the seasonal and mean runoff and the instantaneous discharges for the peatland area
  • Estimate the amount of water to be produced as a result of the proposed drainage
  • Assessment of the hydrological effects of the proposed development on adjacent water bodies or on area downstream
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