Vertex’s team of reclamation and remediation specialists are expertly skilled in developing, implementing, and monitoring reclamation and remediation programs in the oil and gas, oil sands, mining, commercial real estate, and aggregate industries. Our experience extends to a wide range of different ecosystems such as peatlands, forests, cultivated land, and native grasslands. From the planning state to site certification, we can manage all technical and project requirements of the reclamation and remediation process. At Vertex, we integrate effective Environmental Site Assessment with Safety Planning, Remedial Design, Site Supervision, and Contracting Skills in order to deliver the most effective Remediation service to our clients.  An intimate understanding of site history, background chemistry, and available receptors are key to effective Remediation Planning. With a dedicated geomatics department, utilizing the latest spatial data technology, we are able to process data for reports and presentations in a comprehensible and user-friendly method while maintaining data integrity.

Our team of Professional Environmental Consultants that includes: Agrologists, Engineers, Geologists, Hydro-Geologists, and Biologists are dedicated to ensuring cost-effective assessments and have extensive and detailed knowledge of regional reclamation requirements and are highly experienced in both Soil Remediation and Groundwater Remediation. Vertex maintains a client-specific project tracking database detailing project status, recommendations, and costs and possesses close working relationships with regulatory agencies to ensure a streamlined and effective approach to Reclamation certification. In addition, our team provides versatile solutions to address the risks associated with the management and Remediation of contaminated sites across North America.

Our field offices are located in key operating areas throughout North America, with several offices in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, giving our client a reduced mobilization cost and providing a strong understanding of all geographical regions. With access to equipment (drilling and light agricultural) Vertex is effective and highly responsive to client and site needs. Vertex has the experience and knowledge to apply practical and scientific methods that allow clients to achieve their objectives and regulatory commitments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Reclamation Services Include:

  • Development & Implementation of Reclamation Plans & Monitoring Programs
  • Soil Suitability & Land Capabilities
  • Assessments for Pre & Post Disturbance
  • Monitoring Construction & Reclamation Activities
  • Detailed Site Assessments, Schedule B
  • Site Assessments & Reclamation Assessments
  • Soil Amendment Recommendations & Implementations
  • Construction and Reclamation monitoring
  • Reclamation Assessment, Certification & Applications
  • Revegetation Planning, Supervision & Implementation
  • Development & Selection of Seed Mixtures & Propagule Collection & Planting Programs
  • Weed Monitoring & Management
  • Wetland and peatland restoration and reclamation
  • Research & Development (i.e Revegetation, Amendments, Soil Quantity & Soil Quality, Wetlands, Peatlands, Forested. Native Grasslands)

Our expertise includes experience with contamination in bedrock, clays, slits, and sands. The Vertex team remediates on-site and when appropriate, to reduce remediation costs. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to developing remediation pilot projects for more unconventional remediation challenges to be better prepared to meet your project needs and requirements.

We possess the necessary permits to practice engineering in Canada including, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba, as well as,  in the United States; Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, Montana, Utah, and Colorado.

Vertex’s assessment and remediation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Phase 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Tier II adjustments
  • Spill response
  • Groundwater and Surface Water monitoring and sampling
  • Soil and groundwater Remediation

Types of Remediation Services Include:

  • Soil Remediation
    • Biopiles or land treatment
    • Soil vapor extraction and bio-venting
    • Excavation and offsite disposal
  • Groundwater Remediation
    • Multi-phase extraction
    • Pump and treat systems
    • Air sparging or addition of oxygen products
    • Passive filters that intercept the groundwater flow
    • Monitored natural attenuation
    • Some contaminated sites are either excessively expensive or impractical to remediate. A risk management approach can be developed to determine the best possible management strategy for minimizing the impacts on potential receptors.

Case Studies

Reclamation Certification Using Disturbance Recovery Models and Remote Sensing

Providing practical and economical solutions is one of Vertex’s commitments to our clients. Conventional reclamation assessment of oil sand exploration well/corehole programs requires field assessments of all associated well sites and access roads. These field assessments have a high cost and environmental impact and are often highly subjective. Vertex’s Research and Development, Operations and Remote Sensing teams worked collaboratively to develop a remote sensing approach combined with disturbance recovery models to overcome these limitations. The approach utilizes remote sensing data and ecological resiliency factors to rank the well sites and access roads, and only sites with reduced recovery/resiliency are field assessed. Between 2021 and 2022, Vertex used this approach for Imperial Oil and received a reclamation certificate for a 29-site oil sands exploration program.

Commercial Development – Site Assessment and Remediation Project

Client was seeking reclamation certificates (four in total given the complexity of the site) on a former gravel quarry for a future residential neighborhood in large western Canadian urban centre.

Regulatory Renewal for Peat Horticultural Development

After failed attempts, the client was seeking support to obtain project renewals for operations that were still in operations.

Reclamation of Exploration Wells

An oil and gas producer with operations in the oil sands region requested closure on over 400 oil sands exploration wells. Vertex and its Indigenous partner Acden were retained to assist in the management of the reclamation and assessment program. Vertex's role was to manage and execute all assessment and reclamation work in order to obtain regulatory closure on the sites.

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