Vertex offers expert and cost-effective Remote Sensing Services integrated with Geomatics Services to governments, private industry, and commercial clients. Through Vertex’s Remote Sensing and Geomatics capabilities we are able to perform the collection, assessment, and analysis of data to be used in a variety of GIS-based solutions specifically designed for the pipeline, construction and real estate industries.

Vertex’s Remote Sensing Services Include:

  • UAV Data Analysis & Multi-sensor Data Integration
  • Vegetation Health Monitoring & Type Characterization
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Mapping
  • Wetland Assessment & Monitoring
  • Land Cover / Use Classification Assessment & Monitoring
  • Vegetation Biomass
  • Time-series Change Analysis
  • Multispectral & Hyperspectral Optical Analysis
  • Pipeline Corridor Status
  • Microwave (RADAR) Analysis
  • Elevation, Slope, Aspect & Terrain Roughness Mapping
  • Cumulative Environmental Effects Characterization
  • Seamless Integration with GIS

Vertex’s Geomatics Services Include:

  • GIS Database Creation & Maintenance
  • Custom Spatial Data Collection
  • Area, Access and Pipeline routing Maps
  • Field Data Collection
  • Environmental Management
  • One-Call Management
  • Land Management
  • Right-of-way Monitoring
  • Map-Based Content Management
  • Location-Analyses
  • Sophisticated Investment Analysis
  • Integrated service with data collection including resident, soil, species at risk and other customized mapping requirements

Case Studies

Reclamation Certification Using Disturbance Recovery Models and Remote Sensing

Providing practical and economical solutions is one of Vertex’s commitments to our clients. Conventional reclamation assessment of oil sand exploration well/corehole programs requires field assessments of all associated well sites and access roads. These field assessments have a high cost and environmental impact and are often highly subjective. Vertex’s Research and Development, Operations and Remote Sensing teams worked collaboratively to develop a remote sensing approach combined with disturbance recovery models to overcome these limitations. The approach utilizes remote sensing data and ecological resiliency factors to rank the well sites and access roads, and only sites with reduced recovery/resiliency are field assessed. Between 2021 and 2022, Vertex used this approach for Imperial Oil and received a reclamation certificate for a 29-site oil sands exploration program.

Regulatory Renewal for Peat Horticultural Development

After failed attempts, the client was seeking support to obtain project renewals for operations that were still in operations.

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