Vertex integrates internal research with operations to develop best practices and then implements these practices to create the most innovative and effective solutions. We are vegetation experts, and it is our goal to introduce efficiency to reclamation and re-vegetation by integrating our expertise in research with our practical field-based approach.

Our plant science expertise starts with assessment and evaluation but then incorporates innovative approaches into large scale replanting, revegetation and reclamation of complex sites.

  • Rare Plants

    Vertex has assessed rare plants on over 250,000 hectares of land throughout Western Canada. Vertex is able to conduct large studies in the short field season using its internal apps which reduces data management and human resource time. Vertex has developed numerous, successful rare plant transfer techniques that combine traditional knowledge and western science.

  • Plant & Revegetation Services

    Vertex has extensive planting and revegetation experience on large-scale projects for a variety of industries such as oil sands mines, coal mines, peatland harvesting, conventional oil, insitu-sands, and linear developments. Vertex has developed multiple innovation propagule collection and planting techniques for an industry that minimizes project execution timelines which reduce overall maintenance costs related to invasive species management and infill planting.

Case Studies

Reclamation Certification Using Disturbance Recovery Models and Remote Sensing

Providing practical and economical solutions is one of Vertex’s commitments to our clients. Conventional reclamation assessment of oil sand exploration well/corehole programs requires field assessments of all associated well sites and access roads. These field assessments have a high cost and environmental impact and are often highly subjective. Vertex’s Research and Development, Operations and Remote Sensing teams worked collaboratively to develop a remote sensing approach combined with disturbance recovery models to overcome these limitations. The approach utilizes remote sensing data and ecological resiliency factors to rank the well sites and access roads, and only sites with reduced recovery/resiliency are field assessed. Between 2021 and 2022, Vertex used this approach for Imperial Oil and received a reclamation certificate for a 29-site oil sands exploration program.

Biophysical Impact & Wetland Assessment Reports

Retained by the client to complete a Biophysical Impact Assessment Report (BIA) for submission to the municipality as well as the completion of a Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR) for submission to Alberta Environment and Parks. The client is submitting a development permit for approximately 68 acres of land in a large western Canadian urban centre that will include residential (R-G, M-1, M-2), mixed-use (MU-1), and commercial (C-C1) areas.

Solar Power Renewables Project

The client was seeking regulatory approval for a new solar power renewables project located in southern Alberta.

Wind Farm Biophysical Surveys

The client purchased a proposed wind farm development. They were seeking regulatory advice on the data that had been collected to date and what surveys Vertex recommend to be completed. The client was looking to avoid regulatory delays that they have seen on current wind farms that they were constructing. Vertex incorporated options to address concerns that they had.

Regulatory Renewal for Peat Horticultural Development

After failed attempts, the client was seeking support to obtain project renewals for operations that were still in operations.

Virtual Land Department Outsourcing

An Energy & Production (E&P) client is a non-op working interest partner in a large property in NE BC. The client, being a foreign entity, was looking for a company in Calgary to house its, files, manage its day-to-day land obligations and provide a Calgary address for correspondence with industry

Sustainable Peat Harvest Operation

Vertex was retained by a client to provide regulatory application guidance to support the harvesting of peat moss located in Northern Alberta.

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