Engagement and consultation are the cornerstones of developing sustainable and equitable projects. Vertex has a team of engagement experts with a project execution track record that can move projects from concept, through detailed engagement and into the final design and project execution phase of the program.  Vertex works in some of the most highly regulated industries and our skilled engagement to various stakeholder audiences is a key component of project success.   Our engagement focus is to partner with our customer to develop fit for purpose systems for each project and stakeholder group and to use our systematic approach to create:

  • Clear and concise communication methods and material.
  • Complete consultation in induvial and public forums.
  • Mechanisms to involve and collaborate on various project considerations with key stakeholders.
  • A project path forward, that has managed project risk and is a fully engaged, realistic path of least resistance.

While our engagement activities include many stakeholder groups including regulatory bodies and government agencies, three key non-government areas of practice are described below:

  • Indigenous Engagement

    Vertex engages with Indigenous communities in various capacities and has a history of including Nations and community members in project execution.  On behalf of our clients, we conduct pointed one on one consultations for various projects and use long-standing relationships built on trust to communicate project goals, collect concerns and feedback and adjust execution plans to address where possible all stakeholder concerns.

    Additionally, Vertex is an experienced partner to Indigenous communities.  Partnering with various nations across our operation, to create shared economic opportunities and to create career opportunities for local employment.  These partnerships along with our experience, building open and honest communication and lasting trust within Indigenous communities is a cornerstone of our success. More information on our partnerships can be found in our Sustainability and Indigenous Relations section on this website.

  • Public Engagement

    Our public engagement offering supports clients through the development of engagement strategy, engagement material, understanding project risks, addressing potentially contentious issues, and executing engagement programs.   Our team of professionals is experienced in developing appropriate engagement methodology and mediums for each project, stakeholder group, and industry.

  • Stakeholder Consultation

    On behalf of our customers, the Vertex team is skilled in stakeholder consultation, navigating potentially contentious project risks, and working towards equitable and sustainable solutions for all project stakeholders.  While every project is unique, Vertex is skilled at developing one on one, open house, and written material to ensure consultation is conducted appropriately for each project in a successful and professional manner.

Case Studies

Wildlife Management for Mine Expansion

The client required wildlife management services for the development of a large green field land base for an Energy mine expansion.

Overlays and Upgrade Facilitation

Major carrier clients engage Vertex for their ongoing upgrades, expansions and equipment swaps on urban rooftops. Engaging Landlords with thoroughly organized proposals gets all parties off on the right foot and expedites successful outcomes.

Surface Decommissioning Project

The client was seeking a service provider to remove equipment and properly abandon pipelines on suspended well sites on Siksika lands in advance of site remediation and reclamation activities.

Indigenous Environmental Monitor (IEM) Training

The client requested two environmental monitoring teams comprised of Senior and Indigenous Monitors to oversee construction & drilling programs during the winter of 20/21.

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