With an integrated suite of services, the Vertex Land and Environmental teams work together to achieve seamless processing of applications and approvals.  Unique to the industry is the ability to address large scale project access and environmental concerns with a single company, saving valuable project resources and providing a concise and consistent messaging to project stakeholders. Our integrated and professional team support project execution through all aspects of development projects including but not limited to:

  • project routing and constraints mapping
  • assessment of environmental receptors and sensitive areas
  • the completion of various simple and complex regulatory approval applications
  • environmental and construction monitoring
  • ongoing project communication, damage settlement and issue mitigation

The Vertex structure ensures a complete project understanding and a streamlined, local approach to regulatory approvals.    The Vertex team is experienced, across various regulatory frameworks and our adaptable approach can streamline project approvals for both large and small development projects.

  • Federal Approvals

    Our North American operation has extensive experience working within Federal regulatory frameworks including but not limited to executing under the following frameworks:

    • Canadian Energy Regulatory” CER” (formerly National Energy Board (NEB))
    • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act “CEAA”
    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission “FERC”
    • National Environmental Protect Act “NEPA”
    • US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA”
    • Indian Oil and Gas Canada “IOGC”
    • Bureau of Land Management “BLM”
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs “BIA”
  • State & Provincial

    More localized our state and provincial experience includes work with Environmental and Industry specific regulatory bodies in almost all our operating areas.  Local experts work closely with regulatory agencies to understand the development of local policies and procedures and to develop project specific understand to ensure sustainable development and approval within those jurisdictions.   While our specific regulatory interactions are too numerous to list, our local practice works to understand the pre-development condition of the site, the intended project use and develop a sustainable path of least resistance to approval for each project and industry.

  • Municipal

    At the municipal level, our support for municipal development projects includes many of the same state and provincial regulatory frameworks but includes additional support for our customers through the municipal development process.   While the science is consistent, local application expertise is applied to ensure a streamlined approval process.

Case Studies

Integrated Land and Environmental Services – Pipeline Integrity Program

Vertex’s client engaged Vertex to provide engage with landowners and regulators to gain access to their pipeline right of way to execute an annual integrity dig program. The majority of the proposed integrity digs were located in densely populated areas or natural areas with nearby sensitive receptors.

Wind Farm Biophysical Surveys

The client purchased a proposed wind farm development. They were seeking regulatory advice on the data that had been collected to date and what surveys Vertex recommend to be completed. The client was looking to avoid regulatory delays that they have seen on current wind farms that they were constructing. Vertex incorporated options to address concerns that they had.

Regulatory Amendment Oil Sands Mine

The client was seeking regulatory approval for an increase in project development area to allow future placement of overburden, reclamation material stockpiles, and associated facilities outside the currently approved operating area at a large oil sands mine in northern Alberta.

Rural Internet Service Providers

Tasked with turnkey Real Estate Acquisition, Municipal Affairs, and Regulatory clearances for ISP’s in rural Canada, Vertex saw a massive spike in e-commerce, work-from-home trends, and content streaming demand pushing internet service providers further into rural and remote areas.

Sustainable Peat Harvest Operation

Vertex was retained by a client to provide regulatory application guidance to support the harvesting of peat moss located in Northern Alberta.

Surface Decommissioning Project

The client was seeking a service provider to remove equipment and properly abandon pipelines on suspended well sites on Siksika lands in advance of site remediation and reclamation activities.

Integrated Linear Project Execution (Land, Consultation, Environment)

Vertex was engaged by a midstream company to complete the following scope of work on a 50km Midstream Pipeline & Sour Gas Plant: Acquire all surface land approvals (Crown and Freehold), complete all required stakeholder consultation required for project & post-construction land owner signoff’s, Acquire all environmental approvals (EPEA, Water Act, Public Lands Act) for pipeline and proposed sour gas plant, Complete Environmental inspection during project construction including, General environmental inspection services, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) environmental monitoring, & Monitoring of ongoing reclamation activities

Indigenous Environmental Monitor (IEM) Training

The client requested two environmental monitoring teams comprised of Senior and Indigenous Monitors to oversee construction & drilling programs during the winter of 20/21.

Well360 Program at Rainbow Lake

A junior oil and gas producer – with limited staff - engaged Vertex to execute their Drilling Program in 2021. Their productive area was very remote and challenging from an execution perspective due to limited local resources. The client was required to complete their drilling, completion, and tie-in activities on an extremely tight schedule, including all sourcing of equipment, services and obtaining regulatory approvals.

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