Hydrovac trucks are used to support soil removal services and instead of mechanical tools, this process uses pressurized water to create a layer of mud. Our Vertex Hydrovac equipment can then extract the dirt to reveal deeper soil layers below. Crews often use this technique to explore existing power lines and piping systems with minimal risk of breakage or tearing.

Discovering critical infrastructure poses a significant risk to your employees’ health and safety, and has the potential to impact your profit margin negatively. By combining water blasting with suction, the Hydrovac trucks Vertex utilizes deliver the most efficient solution for excavating sensitive infrastructure such as pipes and lines, without causing further damage.

Our fleet of Hydrovac trucks are equipped with overhead extendable booms that enable the hoses to be maneuvered in difficult-to-reach places, including congested urban areas, facilities, and high-pressure pipelines. In comparison with traditional bucket excavation methods, our clients benefit from reduced environmental liability and related restoration costs because a smaller excavation area is required (as small as three inches wide).


Hydrovac excavation is a growing alternative to mechanical excavation. Some of the primary advantages of hydrovac operations are as follows:

MINIMAL POSSIBILITY OF INJURY OR DAMAGE: Water pressure can cut grass and hard ground while posing minimal risk to surrounding people and underground utilities. This process exposes wires and pipes by softening and vacuuming the soil rather than using sharp or heavy metal devices to pick up dirt.

PRECISION: Using a handheld pressurized wand, the operators direct the stream of water to cut through the soil and soften it. Despite obstructions like streetlights, signs, and adjacent utility systems, professionals can easily maneuver around tight quarters with minimal disruption to their environment. The wand is small and flexible, allowing operators to manage it in a variety of positions and locations.

ON-TIME PROJECT COMPLETION: The use of mechanical excavation tools can damage utility lines and rupture pipes easily. This interruption can cause delays in construction projects, which could lead to missed deadlines. The Hydrovac excavation process is gentler, so there will be no disruption or delays caused by costly repairs, creating a convenient and fast process.

COLD WEATHER: Hot water Hydrovac systems can heat up the soil to soften it, even when it is frozen. This method allows construction and repair projects to be continued through the winter.


Vertex Hydrovac Excavation Services Include:
  • Daylighting (Potholing)
  • Trenching
  • Pole, Piling, and Test Holes
  • Service Repair Pits
  • Debris Removal and Tank Clean Outs
  • Shoring
  • Exposing Utility Locations
  • Manhole and Culvert Cleaning
  • Spill Clean-up
Vertex Proudly Provides Hydrovac Services In A Variety Of Industries For Construction, Repairs, Rehabilitation, And Inspections. Specific Applications Include:
  • Oil & Gas: Tank Cleaning, Pipeline Trenching, Facility Maintenance
  • Environmental Clean-up: Debris Removal and Clean-outs
  • Utilities: Pilings and Pole Hole Excavation
  • Construction: Shoring and Slot Trenching
  • Communications: Daylighting Buried Utilities

Whether it’s a facility turnaround or a new project, Vertex has the Hydrovac trucks and operators needed to handle projects of all sizes safely, cost-effectively, and quickly. Throughout Western Canada including Calgary, Dawson Creek, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Leduc, Lloydminster, Regina, Kindersley, Peace River, Rycroft, Swan Hills, Valleyview, Weyburn, and Whitecourt.

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