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Cutting-edge industrial tank cleaning.

At Vertex, we epitomize versatility and expertise in industrial cleaning. Our non-entry robotic tank cleaning solutions are designed to tackle even the most challenging projects with precision, efficiency, and safety. Experience our cutting-edge robotic technology, innovative systems, and expert professionals for your next tank cleaning project. Operating across Alberta, and beyond. 

We approach every tank cleaning with a commitment to safety and the environment, while reducing project costs. Our sustainable cleaning processes minimize water consumption, waste disposal, and carbon release, supporting your organization’s environmental goals. With a wide variety of specialized equipment, our expert personnel can tackle any tank cleaning, big or small. 


Environmental management


Our efficient tank cleaning systems reduce CO2 emissions, contamination risks, and water usage. The automated cleaning process includes real-time reporting of environmental performance metrics.

Expenditure Reduction


Utilizing robotics enhances efficiency, reduces downtime, and improves overall project outcomes. This translates to less labor, lower risk, and streamlined paperwork, resulting in significant cost savings.

Risk Management


Our non-entry tank cleaning technology minimizes human exposure to hazardous environments, thereby enhancing overall site safety. This lower-risk approach also reduces onsite labor requirements.

Command Center

  • Insulated control room housing multiple tools.
  • Dual control stations and 4K monitors.
  • Uses VantageSuite software.
  • Autonomous self-driving operation with obstacle recognition.

Tank Sweep

  • Operated by Mini Control Station or Command Center.
  • Sealed injection with horizontal operation.
  • Adjustable sweeps for tank diameter.
  • High-pressure water nozzles for cold weather performance.

Mini Control Station

  • Compatible with Radical Robotics tools.
  • Features computer, joystick, and HD monitor.
  • Uses VantageSuite software for advanced functionalities.
  • Allows remote operation.

Circulation Management Tank

  • Removes solids at 80 m3 per hour.
  • Fully automated with fluid management controls.
  • Continuous operation with a bypass loop.

Robotic Camera & Lighting System:

  • Provides 360° pan and 115° tilt for thorough inspection.
  • Operated by Mini Control Station or Command Center.
  • Designed for optimal performance in harsh conditions.

Tracked Machine:

  • PLC Control Packages and scalable hardware solutions.
  • Customizable systems with sensors for monitoring.
  • Real-time monitoring and control via web interface.

Vessel Cleaning Tool

  • Cleans process vessels of 4” and larger.
  • Features a 360-degree rotational axis and a 90-degree tilt arm.
  • Interchangeable nozzles for varying pressure and flow rates.
  • Extends from 12” to 32” into a tank.
  • Resistant to caustic substances.
  • Supports manual and automated operations.
  • Heated hydraulic circulation loop for cold weather performance.

Automated Site Management

  • PLC Control Packages for scalable hardware solutions.
  • Sensors for monitoring various parameters.
  • Real-time web-based monitoring.
  • Automated control of pumps, valves, and other components.

Manway Cannon

  • Operated by Mini Control Station or Command Center.
  • Horizontal and vertical operation.
  • Equipped with sensors and wash nozzles.
  • High fluid-to-solids removal ratio.
  • Heated hydraulic circulation loop.








Case Studies

Robotic Rover Tank Cleaning

Vertex’s client had requested a complete internal tank cleaning . Upon initiating the cleaning process, it became evident that the tank emitted dangerously high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs posed a significant risk to workers entering the tank, complicating efforts to maintain safe working conditions for confined space entry.


  • High VOC Emissions: Significant off-gassing during cleaning, leading to elevated VOC levels.
  • Safety Concerns: High VOCs created hazardous conditions for tank entry.
  • Ventilation Challenges: Frequent depletion of organic media scrubbers due to high VOC levels.
  • Cost Implications: Substantial daily accrued costs from replacing scrubber cartridges.

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