Vertex provides a comprehensive range of safety services tailored for construction, maintenance, and operations across various industries. These services seamlessly integrate with our core offerings or can function independently as dedicated safety service providers. Our unwavering dedication to safety underscores our commitment, making it the paramount concern in every project we embark on. Whether complementing our core services or standing alone, Vertex’s safety services ensure a robust approach to safeguarding operations in diverse industries, reinforcing our steadfast commitment to prioritizing safety above all else in every endeavor.


The company specializes in high-angle rescue and confined space rescue operations. Their rescue teams consist of highly trained and experienced technicians who are equipped with state-of-the-art rescue equipment. They prioritize safety for both their teams and individuals on-site. On longer projects, they conduct practice drills and refreshers with the operations crew to ensure preparedness for emergencies. They utilize specialized rescue training programs and employ Arizona Vortex Rescue Equipment, which is versatile and designed for various terrains and situations.


Vertex offers reliable breathing air services for a variety of projects, including custom-built, compact units that are self-contained and can fit in a pickup truck, all the way to high-capacity high pressure air bulker trailers. With mobile-breathing air compressors, there is minimal downtime as equipment can be refilled on-site without the need for replacement or off-site transportation. Vertex boasts a large fleet of over 45 units, capable of meeting the demands of even the largest turnaround projects in Canada.


With a highly skilled team of safety advisors, Vertex provides expert assistance to ensure project safety. Their goal is to achieve zero accidents, injuries, and operational losses. They prioritize safety and employ advisors with NCSO or CRSP certifications. Our advisors bring 5 to over 20 years of industry experience in sectors like Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Forestry & Agricultural, and Power Generation, we support these through construction, operations, and maintenance.


We ensure safe work practices and procedures are followed in our assigned areas and have experience staffing safety personnel for large-scale projects. The recruiting department can quickly deploy personnel when needed. Vertex’s safety personnel seamlessly integrate into clients’ policies and procedures, ensuring a cohesive workflow.


Our QA/QC units offer on-site sanitation and quality control for breathing air equipment, reducing turnaround time. They provide necessary tools and equipment, allowing technicians to clean and assemble masks at the worksite. The automated respirator washer can clean 16 full-face or 32 half-masks per hour, saving on labor. The fully self-contained unit includes a respirator washer, dryer, work area, and water storage in a 40-foot sea can. It can also be equipped with a washer, dryer, and stainless-steel sink for versatile cleaning capabilities.

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