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Acoustic Blankets & Curtains

Vertex’s blankets and curtains are designed and manufactured for excellent acoustic performance. Made from¬†mass loaded vinyl to block noise transmission and¬†acoustically absorptive materials to attenuate reflected sound, our blankets and curtains are fully customized to meet your project or site needs. Vertex can provide a variety of material configurations taking into account performance, longevity and environmental condition.

Vertex’s acoustic blankets and curtains can accommodate ventilation, doors, access panels, and windows to your noise attenuation needs without compromising safety or operational efficiency. We have a range of structural supports, closures and attachments for virtually unlimited customization.


  • Exhaust Covers
  • In-Plant Curtain Enclosures & Barriers
  • Removable Pipe & Duct Lagging
  • Machine Covers
  • Building Liners
  • Suspended Absorption Baffles
  • Compressor & Hydraulic Noise Attenuation
  • Pump Noise Attenuation
  • Temporary Construction Noise Barriers & Enclosures
  • Mobile Equipment Noise Attenuation
  • Partition Walls & Entrance Ways
  • Reverberation Noise Control
  • High Temperature Applications

Acoustic Blanket & Curtain Specifications:

  • Noise Reduction Coefficients to 0.85
  • Sound Transmission Class Ratings from STC 20 to STC 32
  • Multiple fastening options for easy applications including hook and loop fasteners, grommet hangers, and velcro attachments
  • Curtain Tracks and Removable Framed Structures Available
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