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Our acoustic engineering team can provide clients with customized silencer design to suit the application and to meet noise reduction requirements. With silencers designed for both low pressure loss and high flow rate applications, Vertex provides high quality silencers as part of our acoustic service offering and complete site-wide balanced noise mitigation solution.

Vertex’s silencers are used in a number of different industries including oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, mining and petrochemical. Our silencers can be removable for maintenance operations and can accommodate most duct configurations.


  • Building Ventilation Fans
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Wet Cooling Towers
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Air Intake & Relief Openings
  • Combustion Air Inlets
  • ID/FD Fans
  • Lube Oil Coolers
  • Chillers


  • Parallel Baffle Silencers
  • Plenum Silencers
  • Absorptive Shrouds
  • Acoustic Louvers
  • Acoustic Ridge Vents
  • Low Pressure-loss Silencers
  • Lined Ducts
  • Lined Weather Hoods
  • Elbow Silencers
  • Duct Lagging
  • Custom Silencer Designs
  • Quiet Fans (axial or radial)
  • Complete Ventilation Systems
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