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Drilling & Completions Management

Vertex’s consultants, engineers and project management personnel have experience managing drilling and completion programs throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Foothills, Northeastern British Columbia, Ontario, Eastern Canada and numerous International regions. Our team is experienced in all types of oil and gas projects including shallow, deep, SAGD, CBM, sour, vertical, directional, horizontal coil tubing and re-entry jobs.

Consistently stiving to maximize client returns, Vertex utilizes leading edge technology and equipment with the goal of minimizing hole problems and formation damage during drilling operations.

Vertex’s team has experience with a variety of completions technology including: ball drop systems, open hole and cemented in, sliding sleeve systems (coil activated), burst ports, perf & plug systems and slotted liners.

Vertex is able to offer complete programming and project management for all drilling, completion, workover, re-completion and abandonment operations including:

  • Cost Estimates, Cost Controls & AFE Preparation
  • Coordinate & Manage Land Acquisitions / Surveys
  • H2S & BHA Determination and EPZ Calculations
  • Well Studies
  • Preparation of Detailed Drilling and Completion Programs
  • Completion and Intervention fluids determination
  • Down Hole Tools Specification
  • Complete Operation Management & Coordination of All Field Activities
    • Provision of and management of qualified wellsite supervisors
    • Coordination of civil construction, access roads and wellsites
    • Contract & Procurement Management including Tender Solicitation, Contract Negotiation and Award with drilling rig contractors and all other third party support services required based on technical capabilities and cost
    • Provision of detailed daily reports
    • Provision of 24 hour management, support and assistance to wellsite supervisors
    • Provision of daily client updates (texts, email and telephone)
  • Provision of Detailed Technical Summary Report
  • Well Licensing / Regulatory Coordination and Filling Including AER reporting, SIR reporting, OGC reporting and end of well reports
  • Review of all Third Party Programs
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