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Geotechnical Engineering

Our Geotechnical Engineering team provides a complete range of services throughout the lifecycle of your project, covering all aspects of geotechnical engineering from preliminary assessments, detailed design and construction services. With a versatile suite of services covering soil and groundwater, Vertex provides Geotechnical Engineering expertise for those in the building, land development, infrastructure (including roads, bridges and highways), dam & levees, mining, oil & gas and pipeline industries.

Our Geotechnical Engineering team investigate subsurface conditions to be used in the evaluation of the stability of natural slopes and embankments or the design of structures, foundations and earthworks operations.

Vertex’s Geotechnical Engineering Services Include:

  • Geotechnical Site Investigation & Reconnaissance
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation for Earth Structures
  • Embankment & Natural Slope Stability Analysis
  • Pit Slope Stability Analysis
  • Erosion Control Assessment
  • Excavation Stability Assessment & Dewatering
  • Earthworks Construction Monitoring & Inspection
  • Material Testing & QA/QC Inspection (Soil & Concrete)
  • Groundwater Assessment & Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Resilience Management
  • Assessments for HDD Pipeline Crossings
  • Pile Foundation Installation Monitoring, Inspection & Pile Load Testing
  • Foundation Bearing Capacity Assessment
  • Design of Storage Ponds
  • Design of Storage Tank Pads
  • Design of Infrastructure Foundations
  • Design & Analysis of Retaining Walls (MSE Walls & Reinforced Earth Structures)
  • Tailings Management, Monitoring & Testing
  • Borrow Pit Assessment, Classification & Mapping
  • Design & Analysis of Pavement Structures
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