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Drilling Waste Management

Vertex provides Drilling Waste Management services to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and throughout the rest of North America. We provide experienced and knowledgeable staff that are well versed in government criteria for the disposal of Drilling Waste. We pride ourselves in being compliance driven, practical, cost effective and having experienced senior management, qualified operations managers, and trained field staff. Vertex’s integrated service offering allows us to apply our knowledge in Reclamation and Remediation to our Drilling Waste services. This allows us to help you limit the liabilities that can be caused during drilling waste disposal, reducing the end of life costs of your project.

Vertex’s Drilling Waste Disposal Services Include:

  • Landspray While Drilling
  • Landspray After Drilling
  • Landspreading
  • Drilling Fluid Pump Off
  • Mix Bury-Cover (MBC)
  • Residual Solids Disposal
  • Alternate disposal options for Advanced Mud Systems (subsurface fluid and Class I and II landfill)
  • Cement Return Management
  • Shallow Gas and CBM Project Management
  • OilSands Exploration Project Management
  • Heavy Oil Project Management
  • High-Pressure Directional Drilling Waste Management
  • Drilling Waste Disposal Notification Preparation and Submission including consultation with applicable regulatory authorities (e.g., AB – EUB, ASRD, B.C. – OGC, MWALP, ALR)

Integrated Services

Vertex provides a number of services that can complement the management of Drilling Waste operations prior to drilling. By providing multiple services as a single vendor, we help streamline operations and provide cost effective solutions for our clients. Some of our related services include:

  • Environment: Pre-Disturbance, Sump Suitability and Regulatory Assessments
  • Water Well testing (D-35 and other baseline tests)
  • Equipment Rentals (Cement Bins, Waste Bins and Surface Rentals)
  • Safety Services:  Air Services, On-Site Rescue Personnel and Assessments
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