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Environmental Planning & Regulatory

Vertex provides Environmental Planning and Regulatory services to assist our clients in developing new projects while managing regulatory compliance. Our team of environmental professionals conduct assessments and develop mitigation plans to streamline project development while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Vertex’s Environmental & Regulatory Services Include:

  • Pre-Site Assessments
  • Environmental Impact and Pre-Disturbance Assessments
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Approvals
  • Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Services
  • Water Services
    • Crossings, Approvals and Monitoring
    • Wetland Assessment and Impact Mitigation
  • Wildlife Services
  • Rare Plant Services
  • Aggregate Resource Work (Sand and Gravel)
  • Oil Sands Planning and Approvals
  • Environmental Assessment on First Nations Lands (IOGC)
  • Forestry Services
  • Inventory (Wildlife, Vegetation, Weed, Soils etc.)
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