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Research & Development

Vertex integrates internal research with operations to develop best practices and then implements these practices to create the most innovative and effective solutions. It is our goal to introduce efficiency to reclamation and re-vegetation by providing these unique solutions to clients in the oil and gas, oil sands, mining, forestry, drilling, midstream, municipal and aggregate industries.

At Vertex we work to build relationships and understand client needs, to ensure clients meet the goals of their developmental programs and then efficiently and effectively restore and enhance biodiversity within an ecosystem of a disturbed area.

Current Projects from our Research & Development Team:

RESTART – Changing the Future of Reforestation

Vertex’s RESTART program is an innovative and cost-efficient approach to the process of reforestation and re-vegetation. RESTART maximizes the use of the forest floor (LFH) through a patented process in which LFH is compressed and frozen into units (pucks) which enhances vegetation establishment, concentrates LFH and makes it economical to transport and store. This process enhances biodiversity within an ecosystem in a cost effective manner, ultimately changing the future of reforestation.

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Honey Bee Project

The Honey Bee project integrates honey bees into the reclamation process to naturally enhance plant development in a disturbed or reclaimed area. The use of honey bees also provides an opportunity to naturally and efficiently monitor environmental parameters including the effectiveness of remediation and reclamation while developing a local industry that supports the growth of the diminishing honey bee population.

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A Rootsicle is an alternative product to planting seedlings, that creates greenhouse-like conditions for root cuttings that are planted outdoors. This process has proven to be more cost effective then traditional methods of re-vegetation.

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Vertex Growth Chamber

Utilized similarly to the growth chambers operated by government and educational institutions, Vertex’s growth chamber provides industry with soil and seed analysis and testing to ensure the successful reforestation and reclamation of a disturbed area.

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