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Industrial Cleaning & Turnarounds

Facility downtime is a major barrier to obtaining production goals. To help ensure uninterrupted operations, Vertex provides a complete suite of services to ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Vertex provides turnaround and industrial cleaning services through our fleet of modern, fully equipped combo units, high pressure units, chemical trucks and steam trucks. Vertex is capable of performing maintenance, overhaul, industrial cleaning, and repair operations during planned or unplanned, total, or partial shutdowns of a process unit or plant.

Vertex’s Industrial Cleaning Services Include:

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Exchanger Cleaning
  • High Pressure Water Washing
  • Oil Spill & Environmental Cleaning
  • Line Cleaning
  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning
  • Multi Lance Tube Cleaning
  • Single Lance Tube Cleaning

Vertex’s Versatile Suite of Services Creates Unique Turnaround Efficiency for our Clients:

  • Vacuum Services
  • Hydro-Vac Services
  • Pressure Truck Services
  • Steam Truck Services
  • Safety Services
  • Air Services
  • Removable Insulation Blankets
  • Light Towers and ELIES
  • Waste Management Services
  • Wellsite Trailers Including:
    • Office Trailers (12 x 60)
    • Office Trailers (24 x 60)
    • Lunchrooms
    • Lavatories
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