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Mineral Land Services

Vertex provides land services pertaining to the acquisition and management of sub-surface mineral contracts and agreements throughout North America including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. While your projects may vary in complexity and include title issues such as estates, trust agreements or town sites, it will be successfully handled by our experienced team of land professionals. Our systems and procedures will ensure that your final lease package is complete, accurate and binding.

Always professional and courteous, our mineral landmen are highly knowledgeable of compensation and lease structures. We understand what it takes to provide our clients with accurate and equitable lease agreements. We are dedicated and focused on relationship building with our clients as well as with landowners while representing our clients.  We are thorough and perform our due diligence to identify present issues or issues that may arise on a given project and we provide solutions to our clients.

Vertex Mineral Services Include:

  • Freehold Acquisitions
  • Crown Landsales
  • Document preparation and title work
  • Administration services
  • Contract Land Management (Surface & Mineral); Personnel
  • Complete Land System Hosting & Management
  • Acquisition & Divestiture
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