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Motor Control Centres

Vertex’s Motor Control Centres (MCC) are designed, built and tested to suit a variety of control formats. Our Motor Control Centres (MCC) meet all the necessary requirements including CSA, UL, and NEMA standards and can be tested to medium voltage switchgear at 50KA Arc-Resistance, expanding our offering to Arc Resistant and Non Arc Resistant options. At Vertex, our team of professionals ensure each unit is designed, manufactured and tested to provide a safe and versatile approach to grouping motor control and industrial distribution equipment.


  • Medium Voltage Controllers
  • VFD and Bypass Contactor Control Combination
  • Reduced Voltage Controllers
  • Solid-State Controllers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Medium Voltage (1000 to 7200V)
  • Vacuum Switching For:
    • Motor Starters (asynchonous, synchronous)
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Transformer Feeder Units
    • Capacitors


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