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Hot Oiler

Equipped with high efficiency heaters, our Hot Oilers are safer, have quicker warm-up times and higher output capabilities resulting in time and cost savings for our clients. These units are capable of clearing and performing preventative maintenance on wells, pipelines, tanks and various other flow lines that experience build up of wax and other debris that can negatively affect your operation and production capabilities.

Our hot oiler operators come with industry leading experience and safety training, getting one of the most sensitive tasks in the oilfield accomplished safely and efficiently. Utilize Vertex for your next de-waxing, de-scaling and stimulation job!

Vertex’s Hot Oilers Heat and Pump Water, Oil or Chemical to Perform:

  • Hydro-static Pipeline Testing
  • Fluid Heating (oil or water, C-rings or tanks)
  • Hot Oiling
  • Chemical Pumping
  • Pressure Pumping
  • Injection Work
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Flushes
  • Gamma Jet Services for Turnarounds
  • Treating large volume emulsions with heat and chemicals
  • Melting contaminated ice and snow via circulation
  • Heating large volumes of frac fluids
  • De-icing pop tanks
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