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Stable Foam

Commonly utilized as a method for removing solids including sand, cement, pyrite balls, coal and rubber from producing wells, replacing the need for bailing, stable foam can be used in a variety of industry applications. In foam cleanouts, foam replaces mud or other fluids as the circulating agent in drilling, well completion or remedial operations. When mixed with supplemental chemicals, stable foam can even neutralize token amounts of hydrogen sulfide. This gas is then confined within the foam and is slowly released and safely disbanded from the foam in the return tanks. This process demonstrates stable foam’s exceptional safety capabilities, in addition to having no recorded incidence of downhole or surface fire.

Vertex Offers the Following Stable Foam Services:

  • Stable Foam Cleanouts
    • Horizontal Wells
    • Frac Wells
    • Disposal Wells
    • Foam Hammer Drilling
    • N2¬†Foam Cleanouts
    • High Temperature Foam Cleanouts
    • Gas Wells
    • Well Blow Downs
  • Coring, Milling & Fishing
  • Liner Running & Recovery
  • Gravel Packing
  • Well Stimulation
  • Lifting Fluid Off Gas Wells
  • Drilling Applications
    • Deepening Surface Hole Drilling
    • Removal of Debris
    • Running & Pulling Liners